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I am a professional martial artist competing in various different rule sets ranging from Taekwon-do, point kickboxing, to full contact kickboxing. I am a 4th degree black belt and have been training since the age of 7. You can get all the latest news on my upcoming fights and buy your tickets here. I am also a keen amateur philosopher and atheist. I want this site to not only give you information on my competitive career but also an insight into my world, my thoughts feeling, trials and tribulations that come with being a martial artist.


Check out competition news category for more details. But here is a brief run down of my latest comps/fights-

20th of September. I am competing in the PUMA kickboxing championships in Swindon. A nice little warm up.

27th and 28th of September. I have just entered into the UITF English open championships. This is my first competition back since I strained my ankle just before the European champs in Italy in April. Check out my blog for upcoming plans. Details of the tournament can be found at http://www.heartofengland-itf.org.uk


11th and 12th of October I am in Hungary for the ITF European Cup championships

December 6th I will be defending my WRSA kickboxing English belt in Bristol. I have more ticket news closer to the date.

There is also a rumour the P.U.M.A squad will be taking a team to Ireland in November, fingers crossed!

Phil and his brother Mike, Ireland '09

God intervening?

So this is my first non-martial arts related post. I’m sure most of you know I am an atheist. I will talk more in another post about my exact stance on the question of ‘Is there a god?’. But all you need to know now is that I’m a ‘keen’ atheist and I think the world would advance quicker and be less problematic if we could drop the whole, sky daddys watching you, religion stuff.

I am an active atheist in that I listen to debates, prominent youtube atheists, and importantly- I also listen to the arguments on the other side of my opinion. I disagree with them, but I listen.

Something that I wanted to talk about today that is commonly argued or used as an excuse is the ‘god can’t intervene’ argument. As soon as anyone points out that this world can be very unpleasant and surely an omnipresent, omnibenevolent and omniscient God could not create this, we get laden with a number of excuses. The main one that I want to confront today is the ‘God created the world perfectly and humans have brought this upon themselves’…. well this is really dumb! And here is why- Firstly, if God created the world and us and we messed it up, we’re his own creation.. how can he blame us? He formed us the way we are. If he knows everything that has happened and everything that will ever happen.. he must have known that if he created us the way he did then we will act like this. By definition he must know. Is it not inconceivable to design something with just pure thoughts, without the urges to do evil unto others. If he can’t create that, then he is not omnibenevolent is he?!

Secondly, There are different types of suffering. A man killing another man for no reason is evil. A baby being born in pain, having a disease and dying shortly, is also a form of suffering.. but how can you blame humanity for that? Nobody did anything reckless to put that baby at risk, that’s just what happened. And if you think that God is punishing us for our past, then not only is he stupid, but he is nasty. If you had a great grandad that was a nazi, is it fair to stone you to death? Obviously not.

This is known as the problem of evil.. and in my eye’s it’s a big problem for theologians that prescribe to the Christian god.

Here is a link from Princeton University in layman’s terms -http://www.princeton.edu/~grosen/puc/phi203/evil.html

Think differently? email me at phil@philwhitlock.com or comment below.


Message to UFC fan boys

In my opinion, unless they’re making ridiculous claims. Appreciate an art for what it is!-

Martial ARTists, watch youtube? Ever get frustrated reading the comments on a beautiful kata or tournament and demonstration video and seeing ridiculous things like “It wouldn’t work on the street” or “you don’t see it in the cage so it must be bull***”.
Check out my latest vlog post on my site if you fancy a little rant.. and leave a comment.. unless it’s ‘It doesn’t work in the cage”.. then just leave it in your pretty head

The turn around

2014 has not been the best year for me competitively. It started well with a win at the T-UK British champs, and winning the PUMA World open, but after a broken hand and a badly strained ankle hampering my shots at the Europeans I was not best pleased and also decided to pull out of World Cup in Jamaica for health and personal reasons. But I am very happy to say that I have an exciting turn around for the end of this year. I am competing in the PUMA kickboxing championships on the 20th of September, the week after I’m in Derbyshire for the UITF English championships hosted by Heart of England. Then I’m driving from the tournament to Northampton where I will be staying over night and participating in a seminar with non other than Jaroslaw Suska himself, the next day. I have idolised Mr Suska for a long time. His kicking ability is second to none and to be on the top for that period of time is amazing. I am really looking forward to getting some tips on my patterns from the champion as I would really like to compete in the patterns categories in the Euro’s and Worlds next year as well as sparring. 2 weeks after the tournament I’m flying out for the European Cup Championships in Hungary from the 10th of October to the 12th. Which has meant I am upping the training now. Getting back on those morning runs and sprints, practising my patterns etc. November is a bit up in the air, I don’t have any set dates other than the PUMA British champs, but then in December I will be defending my kickboxing English title in Bristol on the 6th. My opponent is yet to be selected, but as soon as we know who it is I will have details shortly along with tickets details.


It’s great to have some goals again and a reason to get out of bed and train. I’m hungry to make the end of 2014 successful and cement myself as a medal contender for the Worlds next year by performing well now. I’m enjoying have those achey sore legs again. It makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and really gives me a sense of purpose. The 2014 turn around?…. challenge accepted

euro cup hungary


Mike Whitlock is Vice World Cup Champion 2014

30/8/14 - Mike Whitlock is vice-World cup champion


I’ve just had the joyous news that my little brother gained a silver medal in -85kg category of the ITF World Cup in Jamaica. Words cannot describe how happy I am for him. He has worked so hard and deserves every bit of success he gets. He had 5 fights and had a fellow Englishman Zac Espi in the final. Mike’s ankle (that is an ongoing injury) was like a balloon before he went on. But in true martial arts spirit he battled on, went in for a brawl but sadly, against the best in the world, you need to be your best, and with a swollen ankle that was near impossible. In 2012 Mike got a bronze, in 2014 he got a silver, 2016…? There were also some other brilliant results. Tiegan who is a 16 year old competitor from PUMA came home with 2 gold medals one in sparring and one in special technique. That girl is going places! The team are currently performing in the team events today and then they have a week to kick back and relax. I will wait until Mike returns to get the full gossip and will update you all with the full story then. Until then, well done England Taekwon-do. You have done us proud! Taekwon