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Welcome! Phil is a professional martial artist competing in various different rule sets ranging from Taekwon-do, point kickboxing, to full contact and leg kicks. You can get all the latest news on his upcoming fights and buy your tickets here at philwhitlock.com. Details of his background and experience are on the bio pagel!


3 weeks after his 4th degree grading he will be fighting for the English kickboxing belt in Patchway Bristol on May tyhe 25th, starting at 6.30 pm. Tickets can be bought at the online store


6 days after his title flight he will be heading over to Delft, Holland for the Holland Cup competing in Patterns and -85kg sparring.

After standing in on late notice on Sunday the 18th of September Phil became the WRSA full contact celtic champion beating a young and very tough fighter in Tom Fowler, who will eventually go onto great things. This is a great step up for Phil and will bump him up the ‘pecking order’ for further title contention. Though there is no time for celebration as Phil still has a tough fight ahead on the 1st at Bristol. Tickets are still available from the ticket store!


Phil is now fighting at Stand ‘n’ Bang in Bristol on October the 1st! This is his first fight back after a 6 month injury lay off. Tickets are available now at the ticket store!

Phil has just returned from the Holland cup with the PUMA squad. He came back with a silver in patterns, narrowly losing out to a Norwegian 3-2 in the final. The sparring was a massive category, 20 people! Phil fought hard and professionally but damaged his knee in the semi finals, though still winning walked out to the final, threw one kick and his knee ‘went’ not being able to kick or move it was a very one sided match with what was potentially a great fight with the ITF European champion. Redemption was found in a way after Phils brother Mike beat the same opponent in the team sparring later that that day.

Though the damage to his knee now means he will not be able to fight on the TFC card on the 11th., Apologies to any inconvenience caused, all tickets will be refunded!

After Phils victory in Patchway vs Sean Smith he is now moving on to fight in Total Full Contact (TFC) it’s kickboxing but with no shin or feet pads. The show is going to be a massive one and is being filmed by SKY sports! If you are yet to come and watch Phil fight or come regularly this is not one to miss as he will need all the support he can get. Please get your tickets now at the ticket store!
Phil is fighting on the 7th of May at Patchway Sports centre in Bristol. Buy tickets now fromn the ticket store!

Phil has won the PUMA World open championships 2011!

After a long time preparing and a lifetimes prearation Phil has won his first world title, and it just keep getting better.. His brother Michael Whitlock also won and is the heavyweight champion. After a long preparation and 17 years worth of commitment has meant the Whitlock brothers can celebrate winning the title together. They also picked up another gold in team patterns, silver in team sparring and Michael added a bronze from patterns as well! It was a great tournament and the first of many epic tournaments to come. A big thank you to Master Gayle for hosting such a great tournament and 17 years of being our instructor, coach and role model.

Off the back of such a great win Phil will be fighting his next full contact fight in Patchway on Saturday the 7th of May! More details to come.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact him at phil@philwhitlock.com

See you on fight night!